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Business Checking

The Bank of Evergreen offers checking and depository services for many local business from individual independent contractors to our county‚Äôs largest employers. We work with local businesses to allow their payroll checks to be cashed, provide Automated Clearinghouse services, provide a convenient night depository, and other services. 

Please contact us for details on how the Bank of Evergreen can help your business. 

Business Checking accounts receive an earnings credit of 1.00%  Annual Percentage Yield  that is calculated based on the average collected balance for the month. All charges will be deducted from the earnings credit for the month. Monthly Maintenance charge $7.00, each check paid $.15. Each deposit posted $.25.

Small Business Checking

No fee will be charged for accounts that have fewer than 100 items per month and a minimum daily balance of $1,500 or more. Accounts with balances between $0.00 and $1499.00 will have a $9.00 monthly maintenance charge. If the account exceeds more than 100 items per month, then there will be a $.15 charge per debit in excess of the first 100 items. 


Additional Terms - The following additional terms apply to these accounts:  Balances that fall below $100 in checking accounts within the first 90 days may be penalized $30.  This also includes closing the account within the first 90 days.